Posted by: Daniel Katyl | September 17, 2009

New Beginnings – Mottos and Resolutions

Due to some environmental interests and health concerns, the motto of my last year in Seminary is, “Bicycling, no excuses.”  I moved to East Falls a few months ago and realized that it was possible to bike everywhere I needed to go, so I decided to try my best to bike everywhere I can instead of wasting gas (I am hoping it helps me burn off these extra pounds around my midsection too!). This is my second week of school and I am proud to say that I have stuck to my motto and have only driven once due to rain.  Whether it was going into work, going to school, or going to visit friends, I have ridden my bike through it all.

Isn’t this how it always starts at the beginning of the semester though?  We have these intentions on what we are going to accomplish for this new school year, very similar to new year resolutions. This year it is biking for me, but there are many school year resolutions out there: not missing any classes, staying up to date on school readings, waking up every morning meditating with God instead of the TV, etc. But many times we will want to break these resolutions, as there will be many cold mornings ahead where a heated car sounds much better than a frigid bike ride. But our characters are not defined by all of the resolutions we make to better ourselves, but instead how we hold true to them. So with your mottos and resolutions for the school year, stay strong, you will thank yourself in the end if you do.


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