Posted by: Bobby Desulme | September 22, 2009

New beginnings are not always easy

I find that it is never easy to separate ourselves from people we love. Leaving my home in Laval, Canada in order to come live in Philadelphia was not an easy thing to do. I still remember the anxiety mixed with excitement that I was feeling every time I thought of leaving Canada to study in the United States. The anxiety came from the thought that I would have to be separated from everything that I knew. The excitment came from the journey ahead that seemed filled with freedom and new possibilities.

A few months ago I decided to leave an organization where I had been faithfully active for three and a half years. I have always been a firm believer that separation is a part of life. Leaving this place where I felt comfortable was difficult because of all the close relationships I had developed with many people there. Since this organization used to occupy a big part of my life, I will be able to use my time in other ways. The good thing about the end of something in life is that it often gives way to the beginning of something else.

I think that in all areas of life, the separation from one thing brings us closer to another. Sadness and happiness are often part of that process. Now that I think back on my departure from that organization mentioned above, I am able to look at it in a more positive way. I am encouraged by my previous experience of leaving Canada. Even though it is hard to separate from the old, the new is always better. Just as I can fully appreciate my decision of coming to Philadelphia to study today, one day I will be able to fully appreciate my decision of leaving that organization. Decisions that bring novelty in our lives are not always easy to make, but I think that they are often worth the experience. Let us allow ourselves to always look towards what is to come with joy and excitement, even though it may sometimes come after hard and painful separations.


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