Posted by: Bobby Desulme | September 23, 2009

Father arrested for incestuous behaviors

A man in Australia is said to have raped (for the last 30 years) and fathered the four children of his own daughter. The case was first reported in 2008 and CNN gives a more recent update of this tragic story.

Statistics on children and women being sexually assaulted are constantly changing in our present days, and sexual misconduct victimizing these two groups seem to get reported more and more. It seems that even though abundant legislative work  has been done for now several decades to protect human beings’ rights, women and children still seem to remain in a position of second class citizen in today’s global community. No member of any faith that encourages peace  should allow these crimes  made against human beings to happen without responding, whether they are of sexual nature or an example of misogynistic attitudes.

It is up to all of us denounce such injustice each time they occur, not only when they appear in the news in front of all to see, but also when these crimes are hidden and committed in our neighborhoods, our churches, our synagogues, our fraternity and sorority houses and even amongst of friends and family members. We must denounce these crimes loudly, we owe it to all who have suffered in silent; especially to those who did not even get the opportunity to denounce the violence done to them.


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