Posted by: Meredith Aska McBride | October 13, 2009

Making time for the little things

Last time I blogged here, I wrote about new beginnings. Here we are, a few weeks later and I’ve already had my first several midterms–we’re hardly beginning anymore!  I was shocked last week when the Penn registrar posted the courses that would be available next semester.  Though graduating from college once seemed very far away, as I scrolled down the list of music department courses I felt very strange and at the same time very excited to be choosing my last set of courses at Penn.

Once I figured out when my remaining required classes were, I started looking at lots of other departments, trying to see if I could squeeze in that last “fun” class.  By the time I had drafted my schedule, I was at my maximum credit load!  I stepped back and reflected.  While I usually try to determine how much I can handle and how stressed I will be, this time I thought, “What do I want to get out of my last semester at Penn?  What have I valued here and what do I want to have time to do?”

The answer was not “Boost my GPA” or “Take ceramics.”  I realized that my priorities are spending time with friends who I may not see nearly as often after May 2010, enjoying Philadelphia, keeping myself healthy, having the mental space to make an informed and confident decision about grad school, and having time to stop for the little things that make college what it is.  I decided to take my two remaining requirements, an independent study, and then take my thesis and viola performance for credit.  That will keep me plenty busy, but not too busy to squeeze the most out of my precious few months left at Penn.

I think I will be the happier and wiser for it!  And most importantly, I think I will look back 20 years from now and say that I made the right choice.


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