Posted by: Bobby Desulme | October 19, 2009

Filippa Hamilton, self-esteem and the power of the media

The women on magazines’ cover pages do not look like the average women that each of us meet in the street on a daily basis. Models are often made to represent the fashion industry’s view of beauty. These “perfect” bodies that are present on many billboards around us put a lot of pressure on women that are often made to believe that they should all look like these super-models.

However, the ideal beauty presented by the fashion industry is often digitally retouched. This level of bodily perfection seems to be unattainable by many women and even by some models themselves.

The story of Filippa Hamilton, a model who claims that she was fired because her employer thought she was too fat, has been in the news recently. She is 5′ 10 and weighs 54kg (119.04lbs).  Ironically, this news broke just after a scandal about a Ralph Lauren ad in which she appeared Photoshopped to biologically impossible proportions.

Dove is aware of the pressure that women are facing all around the world and releases adds bringing awareness on the effects of the fashion industry on young girls’ self-esteem. Dove also created events that encourage young girls to build a better understanding of their bodies and also to have a better self-esteem.

Even though I applaud what Dove is doing, it is still sad that our society is putting so much pressure on women to look a certain way in order to be accepted. As Roseanne, the star of the eponymous 9o’s sitcom, would say; “Beauty comes in all sizes – not just size 5.”


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