Posted by: Francesca de la Torre | October 30, 2009

Let’s raise a glass to Sex Ed!

On Tuesday, October 27, Rev Bev was a guest bartender at a Cocktails for a Cause event for Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania (PPSP).  As an advocate for comprehensive sex ed in schools, Rev Bev and the Passion Works ministry promote this cause in the community at large.

Comprehensive Sex Ed Month

Rev Bev bartends for Cocktails for a Cause

Comprehensive sexual education does not mean promoting sex, it means promoting a comprehensive education. Period.

Know thyself, right?

Let’s hope that’s what we were getting across as we filled the bar area of Chris’ Jazz Cafe with over 60 guests,  some Planned Parenthood volunteers and staff, some friends, and some strangers (some were really strange).

Rev Bev wins #1 Bartender!With a Halloween theme, the drinks of the day were “Safe Sex on the Beach” and “Trich or Treat.” However, most of our guests filled their glasses with beer on tap or house wines.

Unlike the Beer Tasting with Dock Street Brewery (on October 22), the patrons were donating their tips to PPSP, while being served by “local celebrity” guest bartenders, of which, our Rev Bev earned the honor of Most Tips!

Sorry, Rev. Marsh, you can’t beat our Rev Bev.


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