Posted by: Beverly Dale | November 2, 2009

The transformational possibilities of a well-placed word

When I get discouraged I just remember that change is always possible. Isn’t that the message of Christianity, that God can transform any heart that is open, even a crack?  In a recent article in Newsweek, Brent Childers that he went from being a “Jesse Helms Republican” who condemned homosexuality and who “told his son that being gay is a ticket to hell” to being an advocate for gay rights and marching in a pro-gay demonstration in DC!

It took a specific statement from his mother at a specific time when his heart was slightly open ever so slightly to begin to turn him around. This transformation confirms for me again the simple principle that all of us can be (and are)  agents for change even though we don’t know when their hearts might be ready.   She simply asked “Do you think your views are Christ-like?”

In my own transformation from a close-minded zealot to, hopefully, a more inclusive person, there was a wise saint in the church who said to me, at the conclusion of one of my rants, in a most grace-filled way,  “That is all well and good, Beverly, but I think the important thing in the Bible is love. Don’t you?” It knocked me on my kiester! Or, rather, off my bully pulpit!


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