Posted by: Beverly Dale | November 10, 2009

Protecting Children: Gay Parenting as Diversion

We should  ask about the impact on children who are raised with two parents of the same gender if we truly want to ensure that children are not harmed. However, as many of us suspected, the research is now in that reveals there are very few differences in the parenting styles between sexual minority folks and straight parents and the bigger news is that the children raised with parents of the same gender are not in any way damaged or set back as some predicted. Then again, I have never been convinced that it was concern for children that fueled the anti-homosexual agenda anyway.

But if we care about children, there is now clear genetic evidence that shows abusing children does irreparable harm to for their entire lifetime. This manifests in increased psychic pain, the inability to cope, as well as increased levels of depression leading to suicide.  Seems if we really cared about children, or “the least of these” as Jesus called them, we might want to stop fantasizing that it is the gender of the parents that matters and look instead at whether or not children are protected or at least, how severely they are being “disciplined.”  The scientific data is clear. Perhaps this explains much of our cultural struggles with depression and pain.


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