Posted by: Beverly Dale | November 16, 2009

Health care reform at the expense of women

So many people of faith are supportive of having health care reform because it will be a boon to the poor, unemployed, underemployed, and the rest of us who thought our insurance would pay but found our illness is too expensive for them! Yet, once again we see successful attempts to legislate an extreme Christian ideology through the Stupak abortion amendment that was passed at the 11th hour.

There is no doubt that the purpose of the amendment is to make it even harder for women who might want to choose the more inexpensive health care option known as  “the public option” to actually get a safe and legal abortion should she unexpectedly realize she needs one.  It is not as if women plan to get an abortion so that they have saved money just in case it ever comes up! Taking away insurance possibilities (through the public package and even through private insurance should they be enrolled in a certain program) is clearly a financial hardship.

And this comes at a time when research shows that though abortions are on the decline worldwide, there are 70,000 women who die each year from unsafe abortions worldwide. These are preventable deaths.  Remember, having a safe abortion is easier on a woman’s body than even giving birth!

What is insidious is that the Catholic Church and the US bishops are behind this attempt to force compulsory motherhood. It is insidious that men who choose never to marry are deliberately harming women who are and these men who choose never to have sex are attempting to coerce (or punish?) those who do to pay a price, whether it is financial or the increased burden of pregnancy.

What would happen if the Catholic Church suddenly retracted their celibacy requirement and the Bible-quoting repressive Christians actually had some good quality sex? Makes you wonder if that wouldn’t round off the hard edges of their rigid positions.



  1. No one is free from sin. Not even the Catholic Church.

  2. Rev Bev,
    You are spot on with your analysis of the “Stupak abortion amendment that was passed at the 11th hour.” It is in fact a cruel blow to reproductive freedoms that are currently within the grasp of women in our culture. To remove this freedom to choose in service of freedom of choice for healthcare for the millions is indeed a cruel blow. However, let us not lose sight of the fact that in conference the Congress is capable of passing whatever legislation for which the people clamor. The moral of the story then is that the cost of ensuring access to affordable healthcare for the millions of souls who are presently without must not be the disenfranchisement of reproductive rights to another millions of souls. Speak out, write to your legislators and let your voice be heard. The future of healthcare I am convinced is tied to those who speak with authority and amplitude at this critical time in our history. It is not a matter of “either or;” it is indeed a matter of “one and.” Let us stand united together for all our health care needs.

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