Posted by: Beverly Dale | February 8, 2010

College Students Helping Obama’s Budget

It is not often that college students can see how they can personally impact the federal budget. However, comedian Jon Stewart has:

The idea of taking away the middle man in college loans would get us 46 billion dollars over 10 years–that, stunned me. That gets us more savings than removing subsidies from oil companies which I guess over 10 years is like 40 billion.

Yes, the president’s proposal to cut out the “middle man” of the school loan process can actually save the US billions of dollars each year! But of course those who are benefiting from those funds (those in the middle) are not in favor of this idea. So guess what?! It is going to take college students (and their parents!) to raise a bit of ruckus on this one.

If we are to be good stewards of the earth and our possessions, and if we are wanting the government to make the best decisions to benefit the widest range of people with particular attention to those at the bottom of the scale (and let’s be clear that in this age not everyone shares that Christian/humane view) then this proposal needs to be examined as one small way to help the budget and benefit students (and others) along the way.


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