Posted by: Beverly Dale | March 15, 2010

Vancouver Olympics focused on the WHOLE body

It is probably a little-known fact that the organizers of the Vancouver Olympics had stashed away a total of 100,000 condoms, or 14 condoms for each of the 7,000 people who came to participate in the games. This included not only the athletes but their coaches, trainers and officials who lived in the two Olympic Villages. The Olympic Games held at Sydney in 2000 had stocked only 70,000 and had to order 20,000 more so Vancouver was well prepared. The fact that this type of arrangement started back in the early 1990’s reveals that planners are well aware of the appetites of young, healthy bodies who might experience an “Olympic high” no doubt serving as an aphrodisiac.

Make no mistake, all of those involved in the Olympic sports focus on bodies sometimes 8 to 10 hours a day for months and years. They push the body to perform, noting every little muscle stretch or twinge, watching and honing every physical maneuver. Is it possible that this focused attention to physicality because of  their sport interest could also translate to also being especially attuned to their own sexual needs? I am not aware of any such research but it is something to consider.

Inversely, I do note a lot of bodies in the culture at large that are out of shape. I know there are a lot of couch potatoes holding remote controls who sit passively in front of the latest technology to be entertained. They seem to be unaware of, or are at least easily disregarding, the growing size of their abdomens. Is passivity an indicator that they are also out of touch with their own bodies’ sensual and sexual needs as well? Is it possible that by shifting from passive sports watching to active participation in some form of body movement and muscle stretching activity we might become more aware of our other bodily needs? Just wondering.


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